Russia will not attack Moldova, whose society is already divided – NATO


Russia now does not have the strength to attack Moldova. This was announced today, February 13, by NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoana.

At the same time, he added that, nevertheless, Moscow is trying in every possible way to impede the pro-Western course of Chisinau.

“Today, Russia does not have enough forces to surround Ukraine from behind with the help of Transnistria and then capture Odessa, although such a plan exists. We do not see that Russia has the strength to implement it,” Joan said.

According to the representative of the North Atlantic military bloc, the Kremlin is trying to impede the pro-European course of the Republic of Moldova, dividing a society that has already been divided for a long time. Geoană added that Moldova and Georgia should not be afraid, as Russia’s rhetoric “comes from weakness, not strength.”

“Russia has neither the intention nor the ability to start a war against NATO, it has enough problems in Ukraine, and we must help Ukraine create as many problems for Russia as possible. We have to be very careful and avoid the risk of escalation,” concluded Mircea Geoana.

Previously President Maya Sandu held a briefing at which she stated that Russia plans to carry out a coup d’etat in Moldova with the help of abandoned sabotage groups from other countries (Russia, Belarus, Serbia and Montenegro) and with the support of the local opposition. She demanded that the Moldovan parliament adopt bills as soon as possible that would give the SIS and the prosecutor’s office the necessary tools “to deal more effectively with risks to the country’s security.”

According to the parliamentary opposition, with such irresponsible statements, the head of state draws the Republic of Moldova into a military conflict, whips up hysteria in society, intimidates the opposition and prepares political repressions, pushing the republic into a civil war.

As reported EADailybefore that President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky claimed that his intelligence intercepted a plan to destabilize the situation in Moldova and its capture by Russia. The head of Chechnya reacted to this Ramzan Kadyrov, who reminded the Kyiv regime that “Russia’s borders change only when she herself wants it,” and if there is an order from the president, then it will reach the United States, and no one will stop it.

“If there is an order from the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, we are ready to go even to America, we will leave Moldova far behind. And any such order is not discussed, but carried out. We have all the necessary forces, means and equipment to bring it to life”, Kadyrov warned.

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