Runnin’ Ute Gabe Madsen hopes to be back for a postseason appearance

Gabe Madsen is just happy it wasn’t worse.

The third-year University Of Utah With 17:53 remaining in the first-half, guard made an unfortunate spill. Oregon On Jan. 28. He exited the game, was ruled out for the night, and hasn’t played since. Five Several days later, Madsen A lower-leg injury was diagnosed and was removed from his body for approximately 4-6 weeks.

The Utes’ second-leading scorer earlier this week revealed to The Salt Lake Tribune It turns out that the lower-leg injury is actually a high-ankle strain. Not It was fantastic, but it could be worse.

“There were a lot of thoughts going through my head on what it could be because it was a really weird fall,” Madsen Tuesday after practice. “I tried not to let my brain go that way, but when I got the initial diagnosis of a high-ankle sprain, I was very glad that that’s all it was because I didn’t think it would be that because of how it felt.”

The Timing Madsen’s injury is particularly brutal given that Utah Has reached February Nevertheless, he continues to play games that matter. Already It is unlikely that you will be able to win an at-large bid to NCAA Tournament, those odds became longer after last week’s 78-72 loss to StanfordHowever, Utah’s final six regular-season games currently include four Quadrant 1 opportunities. The NIT is still very much alive.

“It’s obviously very frustrating,” Madsen said. “These are some very meaningful games. You work hard to be able to play in these types of games. It’s a long season and to be sidelined for it, it’s tough, but again, just trying to keep a good mindset about it and do all I can to get back out there pretty quick.

Whether or not Madsen will experience the postseason for the first time depends on how quickly he can get back. Four weeks from the date of the injury is Feb. 25, which is late in the regular season. Six weeks would mean March 11. The first round of the Pac-12 Tournament is March 8. The first round of the NIT would be either March 14 or 15.

For now, all Madsen can do is rehab. He began last week in a walking boot, but said Tuesday he is trying to wean off that a bit. He’s been doing non-weight-bearing activities to keep strength up in that right leg. Biking, upper-body lifting, shooting that doesn’t involve jumping, but he knows he can’t push it too much further because the tendons in the ankle have to heal.

“I’m just trying to stay in shape and keep the shot ready,” Madsen said. “Hopefully, I can start running in the pool soon and start doing more stuff to get some ankle flexibility back.”

Other Things on my mind

• When USC and UCLA both announced plans to leave Pac-12 seven months ago, I was of the belief that the conference’s Four Corners schools (Utah, Colorado, Arizona State, Arizona() to speak with the Big 12.

I still believe that this is the best course, especially since a new deal in media rights does not pan out for me as commissioner. George Kliavkoff Had hoped and flirted with SMU. San Diego State The league is not doing much, except for adding a fraction to the TV homes it lost to USC and UCLA.

The Ten schools remain tethered to the assumption that Kliavkoff It would provide a Grant Of Rights agreement worth signing was the prudent move, but if he’s not going to deliver, it’s time for Utah The rest of the Four Corners to consider their options, if they haven’t already.

Being The Big 12 is the third-best college football conference and is a great place to be.

• The NCAA Women’s Tournament The selection committee selected the top 16 overall seeds at this point. Thursday evening on ESPN. Utah Hit the board as No. 6 overall seed, meaning that the Utes Are currently ranked second No. 2 seed.

There Although there is not much to be certain when the NCAA presents the top-16 reveals in the regular season, it gives an indication of what the selection committee is thinking. Selection Sunday It’s still one month away.

The The only thing I can see is that Utah Is in a good place to get a top-4 seedThis brings it along with the first-round and second-round home matches at the Huntsman Center. Based What we have learned ThursdayIt would require a serious downswing for the Utes Not hosting a four-team NCAA Tournament In five weeks, pod will be ready.

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