Right-wing ruling coalition wins Italian regional elections

The ruling right-wing coalition in Lombardy and Lazio also approached or reached 50% support in the local elections held on Sunday and Monday, Feb. 13, according to exit polls released after the close of the vote. The ballot boxes were closed at 3 p.m. today. Elections were held over two days, from Sunday morning to evening and from Monday morning to noon.

The first official results are expected late in the evening, until then the forecasts are updated. A simple majority of votes is sufficient to win, there is no second round.

More than 12 million eligible voters were expected to take part in these elections in Italy’s two most populous provinces. Lombardy is the economic center of the country, while Lazio is the center of government and administration.

In Lombardy, with a population of almost ten million, 41.6% of voters voted, and in Lazio, with a population of less than six million, 47.8% voted, according to preliminary turnout data from the Ministry of the Interior. Five years ago, over 74% of those eligible to vote in Lombardy and over 66% in Lazio voted. In 2018, the municipal elections were one-day.

Exit polls confirmed the forecasts. In Lombardy, figures show that the centre-right party coalition candidate Attilio Fontana, who has been governor for the past five years – even during a pandemic, according to the results of exit polls, he is gaining from 49 to just over 53% of the vote. Result Pierfrancesco Majorinothe joint candidate of the centre-left Democratic Party (DP) and the Five Star Movement (M5S), is estimated at less than 40%.

Center-right candidate also leads in Lazio Francesco Rocca, who received from 50% to 54% of the votes. His rival is Andrea D’Amatogaining from 30% to 34% of the vote.

If the final numbers confirm the victory of the right, then out of the 21 provinces of Italy, 16 will be in the hands of the ruling coalition of the right.

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