RIA Novosti: the United States is preparing for nuclear blackmail of Russia

wikipedia.org |  government of the United States/public domain
wikipedia.org | government of the United States/public domain

The American authorities are preparing the ground for pressure on Russia with the help of Ukraine’s nuclear status, columnist Viktoria Nikiforova reports.

Reports about nuclear weapons for Ukraine have recently begun to appear in US publications, the journalist writes in an article for RIA News.

“The American establishment is trying to intimidate the world by supplying nuclear weapons to those countries that Washington wants to unleash on Russia and China. At the same time, he sends a signal to the PRC and Russia that the only way to agree “in a good way” is to hand over their nuclear arsenal to American control,” Nikiforova writes.

She cited as an example an article by Jon Wolfstahl for The Washington Post discussing Russia’s alleged violation of the terms of the Budapest Agreement. An American journalist said that “Kyiv made a mistake by giving up nuclear weapons.” According to the observer, the appearance of such materials indicates a possible attempt by Washington to threaten Russia with the help of the hypothetical possibility of Ukraine’s nuclear weapons.


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