Residents of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug are against officials and deputies having a rest abroad

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Most of the inhabitants of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug are against the fact that officials and deputies go on vacation abroad while a special operation is being carried out on the territories of Ukraine. Analysts of the SuperJob service told URA.RU about this.

“The initiative to ban holidays abroad for officials and deputies during the period of a special military operation is supported by 6 out of 10 residents of the YNAO. This is 61% of the population,” the report says.

Yamal residents believe that provocations and recruitment are possible abroad. 22% think so. Another 16% think that such an initiative violates human rights. “The remaining 6% simply do not want to deprive society of the opportunity to understand who is worth what (“Let’s see who is a real patriot”),” the analysts added.

It is noted that the protest was expressed by more Yamal residents who earn more than 80 thousand rubles – 69%. And more men than women are in favor of the initiative – 65% versus 57%.

Earlier, URA.RU sources reported that the authorities forbade Yamal officials to go on vacation abroad. However, not all civil servants adhere to this ban.

The special operation in the territories of Ukraine began on February 24 last year. It is aimed at saving and protecting the civilian population of Donbass, which has been shelled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine for more than 8 years.


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