RBC learned the cost of a set of new uniforms for participants in the special operation


The clothing service of the Ministry of Defense reported RBCthat the cost of one summer set of clothes for a participant in a military operation in Ukraine from the Gardarika company, which received a state defense order, is 10,628 rubles. 15 kop.

Previously, the entire field uniform for the Russian military was made by one manufacturer as the sole supplier. Due to increased demand, several additional companies were attracted, including Gardarika.

“There are no other contracts for the supply of other types of equipment to the Ministry of Defense, including a winter set of field uniforms, with the Gardarika company,” the clothing service of the Ministry of Defense noted.

The co-founders of Gardariki are Artem Stepanenko (60%) and Ivan Silchenko (40%), the CEO is Ksenia Dugelnaya. On February 9, Mr. Stepanenko told RBC that production was launched about a month ago. The first batch is expected to be ready in a week. He also stated that the volume of production and the cost of the kit are classified information. Ms. Dugelnaya said that the company spent tens of millions of its own funds to develop the form.

Artem Stepanenko said that the summer outfit had been in development for about two years. It consists of a tactical jacket, trousers, combat shirt and cap. The jacket consists of 88 parts, trousers – from 92, shirt – from 35.

Read about the military operation in Ukraine in the online broadcast of Kommersant.

Daria Erozbek


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