Rate of fire and mobility – the expert assessed the combat parameters of Bofors anti-aircraft guns

Bofors L70 anti-aircraft guns, which Lithuania sent to the Kyiv regime, due to their “venerable age” do not pose a particular threat to modern combat aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces, military expert Sergei Khatylev said.

“Such guns do not pose any particular difficulties for aviation. They do not have detection systems, which are, for example, in the modern Russian Tunguska and Pantsir air defense systems, which can detect targets 20 kilometers away and shoot at a distance of up to five kilometers, ” Khatylev said on the air Channel Five.

In turn, Russian military aircraft, on the contrary, have all the systems for detecting and combating anti-aircraft gun systems similar to the Bofors L70, Khatylev noted.

He explained that Bofors were created in Sweden at the end of World War II and, in terms of the main combat parameter of anti-aircraft guns – the rate of fire – they are much inferior to modern models, in particular, the same Tunguska and Pantsir anti-aircraft missile and gun systems. If the Bofors L70 fires 240 rounds per minute, then Russian guns shoot over a thousand. The situation is the same with the firing range: for the Swedish anti-aircraft guns it does not exceed three kilometers, for the Tunguska and the Pantsir it is up to five.

“According to such parameters, the Bofors L70 can only be used for aimed fire and barrage fire at extremely low altitudes and ranges. At long distances, this cassette-loaded automatic cannon is unsuitable, ” the expert concluded.

The disadvantages of the Bofors L70, according to Khatylev, include the lack of mobility: Swedish guns cannot be moved, they require installation either on a chassis or on a ship or ground stationary platform.

Back in January, Lithuania announced plans to transfer 36 Bofors L70 anti-aircraft guns to Ukraine. Recently, the head of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic Arvydas Anusauskas confirmed these intentions and stated that 15 instructors have already been trained, who will continue to work on the territory of Ukraine.

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