Ramzan Kadyrov became the father of the people

Ramzan Kadyrov and the subsequent heads of Chechnya, according to the Constitution of the republic, will be called “fathers of the people.” In the Chechen language – mekh-da.

“The law specifies the position of the head of the Chechen Republic in the Chechen language – mehk-da. The purpose of this change is to establish uniformity in the use of the title of the head of the region in the Chechen language, which is the state language in the Chechen Republic”, – said the speaker of the Chechen parliament Magomed Daudov.

The bill was drafted on January 12 as an amendment to the section of the Chechen constitution on the status of the head of the republic. These amendments to the Constitution were adopted by the People’s Assembly of Chechnya today, February 10.

The head of the republic Ramzan Kadyrov in Chechnya is unofficially called Pachchakh (literally – the sovereign, padishah), Kuygalho (leader), Konakh (knight). The head of Chechnya is a descendant of Sufi sheikhs from the ancient tariqa (order) of Qadiriya. Father of the head of the republic Akhmat Kadyrov was an outstanding Muslim theologian, Mufti of Chechnya, which is why many Chechens call Ramzan Kadyrov sheikh.

“But Mekhda most accurately defines the significance of the head of Chechnya as a leader responsible for his people,” Magomed Daudov notes.

As reported EADailythe Parliament of the Chechen Republic proposed to supplement the title of the position of the head of his semantic, but not literal translation into the Chechen language, given that 2023 was declared by Ramzan Kadyrov the Year of the Chechen language.

As the Minister of the Czech Republic for National Policy, External Relations, Press and Information explained Ahmed Dudayevsome telegram channels were quick to see this name as “some kind of title” and tried to give the bill a negative connotation.

“In the Chechen language, “the head of the family” is translated as “kh1usamda”, and “the head of the village” as “yurtda”, and not a single speaker of the Chechen language perceives these turns of speech literally as “father of the family” or “father of the village”, otherwise it would turn out that There are almost 400 “fathers of villages and settlements” in our region. Therefore, the semantic translation of the post “head of the republic” in Chechen sounds like “mehk-da””, – said Dudayev.

The essence and meaning of the adopted law, according to him, is to strengthen measures aimed at preserving and developing the culture and identity of the Chechen people in accordance with Article 10 of the Constitution of the Chechen Republic (which establishes Chechen and Russian as state languages).

Recall that at the end of January the State Council of Tatarstan determined that the head of the republic, according to the Constitution, would be called rais. Rais means “chief, chairman”, this word came to the Tatar language from the Arabic language. Until January 2022, Tatarstan was the only republic in Russia where the highest official, as in the 1990s, was called the president of the republic.

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