Putin said that Italy has always been close to Russia

MOSCOW, February 20 – Russian President Vladimir Putin shared his impressions of his trip to Italy, emphasizing that he felt at home in some places, and noted the industrial development of Milan.
“(Milan – ed.) is a good place, an industrialized region of Italy. Well, Italy has always been close to us… I remember how I came to Italy, how people greeted me there. In some places I felt completely at home, that’s for sure. Milan “This is such a labor province of Italy,” Putin recalled during a plenary session of the forum “Strong Ideas for New Times” during a conversation with an Italian citizen studying at MGIMO, Irena Chechini.
The expert made a proposal for a new approach to the formation of the principles of migration policy for those people who share the traditional values ​​of Russians and are prepared for the competitive labor market of the Russian Federation. She also said that she came from Milan.
“You said that you fell in love with Russia. And that’s it, you haven’t fallen in love with anyone else? It’s just that if everything goes like this, then it’s very simple, it’s easy to do everything… It’s strange, such a beautiful girl, you still haven’t fallen in love with anyone. But “You’ve probably already fallen in love, that’s 100%. Even during your speech, there are a lot of people like that in the hall,” Putin joked.