Putin instructed to resettle Russians from emergency housing in factory wooden houses


Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed from 2023 to begin using low-rise factory-made wooden houses to resettle Russians from emergency housing.

“As early as this year, low-rise prefabricated wooden houses should be used in the emergency housing resettlement program,” Mr. Putin said at a meeting in Arkhangelsk on the development of the timber industry complex (quoted from TASS).

The head of state noted that it is possible to more widely apply the technologies of wooden housing construction, use standard designs of buildings in compliance with safety requirements. “I ask the government, the Ministry of Construction, together with the regions, to work out this issue,” he said.

The President arrived in the Arkhangelsk Region today, February 10. There he inspected the sawmill shop of the Ustyansky timber industry complex, the operator’s shop and the forest selection and seed center.


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