Putin held a working meeting with the Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with Arkhangelsk Region Governor Alexander Tsybulsky. They discussed the socio-economic situation in the region. Prior to this, Mr. Putin visited the Ustyansk timber industry complex (LPK).

“For us, the timber industry complex is almost 40% of all industry that exists in the region,” Mr. Tsybulsky said at a meeting with the head of state (quoted from transcript on the Kremlin website).

According to him, there are three main industrial blocks in the region: shipbuilding and ship repair, timber industry and mining. 20% of all diamonds in Russia are concentrated in the Arkhangelsk region, the governor noted.

He stressed that the sanctions forced the region to discover new opportunities. “And in the field of forestry, we realized that there are opportunities to saturate the domestic market, due to this there are opportunities and prospects for growth,” said Alexander Tsybulsky.

The head of the region recalled that in the Arkhangelsk region, many foreign ports traditionally served Russian ships, and now “they are all returning to the Arkhangelsk shipyards.” “Today we already have an appointment for scheduled repairs at the end of 2024 – the beginning of 2025,” the head of the region said.

According to him, for the third year in a row the region’s budget is in positive territory, this year the budget has added 17%. Mr. Tsybulsky assured that both tax and non-tax revenues are growing. He noted that the region is pursuing a conservative policy in terms of public debt and making sure that it does not exceed 50% of its own income.

“Today we need additional investments, because there are a number of problems that require these expenses from us. Therefore, here I am sure that we look absolutely confidently into the future, into tomorrow,” the governor said.


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