Prime Minister of Slovakia promised to fulfill Zelensky’s request for the supply of MiG-29


During yesterday’s European Union (EU) summit in Brussels, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky asked Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger for the supply of MiG-29 fighter jets. Mr. Heger promised to “do everything possible to fulfill this request,” according to a local publication. Teraz.

Mr. Zelensky, during a personal meeting with the Prime Minister of Slovakia, informed him about the situation in Ukraine, as well as that he expects “intensification of the Russian offensive in the coming weeks.” “He contacted us about the MiG-29. I told him that we would negotiate this within the country, and the public would be informed about the outcome of these negotiations,” Mr. Heger said.

He added that these deliveries would also need to be discussed at the EU level. When asked when the MiG-29 could be delivered to Ukraine, the Slovak prime minister did not give a specific answer, but assured that his government was “interested in the soonest conclusion of negotiations” on this topic.

Ukraine said that it needed about 180 fighters. US President Joe Biden refused to supply Kyiv with F-16 fighter jets, saying they should remain in the US. The White House explained that they were supplying only critical weapons. French President Emmanuel Macron did not rule out that his country would supply fighter jets to Ukraine. French authorities are also studying Kyiv’s request for fighter pilot training.

About the support of Ukraine by Western countries – in the material “Kommersant” “Vladimir Zelensky got involved in the tour.”

Laura Keffer


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