Presidential elections in Turkey may be postponed for a month


The presidential elections in Turkey due to the devastating consequences of a series of earthquakes may be postponed by one month from May 14 to June 18. This was announced on Friday, February 10, by the leader of the Turkish opposition party Meral Akshener in an interview with the Duvar newspaper.

“Will the earthquake affect the election date? I don’t think the elections will be held on May 14, but I think they will be postponed to June 18″Aksener says.

Earlier, Anadolu agency reported that the death toll in Turkey and Syria as a result of the devastating earthquake exceeded 20 thousand people.

Recall that an earthquake of magnitude 7.7 in the south-east of Turkey with an epicenter in the province of Kahramanmaras occurred on Monday, February 6. Subsequent aftershocks hit the infrastructure of dozens of provinces in Turkey and neighboring Seria.

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