Polyakov infuriates the Russian language spoken by Ukrainian refugees

In Poland, the attitude towards Ukrainian refugees is deteriorating, Rzeczpospolita states, citing data from a survey by the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Warsaw.

“The results we have now are very surprising. We have identified a new phenomenon — an effect that we called “positive attitude dissonance,” said a doctor from the University of Warsaw in an interview with Rzeczpospolita. Robert Staniszewski. “This phenomenon concerns the social perception of refugees from Ukraine.”

As a result, 68% of respondents said that the direction of changes towards Ukrainians is negative. So, the Poles are irritated mainly by the Russian language, which is spoken by the settlers, as they consider it hostile.

“In the end, it’s ‘enemy language’, we lose the idea of ​​who they really are” – Polish experts say.

Also, many do not like the elements of internal culture that some Ukrainians brought with them: arrogance, addiction to expensive cars, non-compliance with prohibitions like speed limits, parking in the wrong places.

“About 1.2-1.3 million people settled in Poland, not counting those who lived with us before the war,” the publication clarifies. “This phenomenon requires further research to explain this dissonance.”

Previously EADaily quoted columnist Yakova Pavlova about the fact that the millions of Ukrainians who flooded the countries of Eastern Europe are in fact … Russians. Almost all of them left the most affected regions of Ukraine, where they historically voted for pro-Russian leaders, primarily for Viktor Yanukovych. It is the inhabitants of these regions that today mostly leave Ukraine, heading not to Russia, but to the West.

“Yes, yes, European integration, inspired by Ukrainians for years, played a cruel joke on them. People, including those of Russian roots, imagined themselves to be really “CE-Europeans” and, in a difficult time for their country, preferred to leave their homeland, dissolving precisely in European, and not in Russian open spaces. Surprisingly, such people do not lose anything if Ukraine breaks up into several states. If they are eventually asked out of the European Union, they can safely return to “Russian Ukraine”, because they themselves are ethnic Russians. Also, in the event of Russia’s victory on the Ukrainian-NATO front, the cunning refugees are ready to arrange a public Nuremberg in Europe according to the notorious Russian formula “We can repeat it”, having vented the anger on the Poles”, – predicts Yakov Pavlov.

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