Political scientist Samonkin: Sooner or later the West will recognize the use of chemical weapons by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

TASS |  Zuma
TASS | Zuma

First Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations Dmitry Polyansky stated that Russia will continue to draw the attention of the world community to the war crimes of the Ukrainian military. In particular, to the use of chemical weapons by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The permanent representative made the corresponding comment following the results of the UN Security Council on the situation in Ukraine, which took place last Wednesday. He wrote about this in his Telegram channel, a diplomat, referring to evidence of the use of prohibited means distributed on the Internet.

“As more accurate information becomes available, we will continue to draw attention to this story,” Polyansky said.

Russia, in order to be heard, needs to enlist the support of countries such as China and Iran, which always vote in the organization against the Anglo-Saxons. Such an opinion on this matter in an exclusive interview FAN announced by the President of the ANO “Eurasian Institute for Research and Support of Youth Initiatives” Yuri Samonkin.

According to him, over the past eight years, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have used quite a lot of types of prohibited weapons, including phosphorus bombs. Now, given the supply of NATO weapons, the level of shelling is intensively increasing and the range of shelling is increasing.

“The Russian Federation has repeatedly spoken about this, there is a huge amount of recorded evidence from Russian military correspondents. But the UN, unfortunately, does not hear about the problems of the Ukrainian crisis, that is, the whole paradigm of the work of the Security Council now boils down only to the informational mantra that supposedly evil Russia attacked an independent state just like that,” the expert noted.

According to Samonkin, the UN Security Council has long turned into a Russophobic platform where, apart from alternative countries, no one opposes pro-American resolutions. Therefore, the source of the FAN believes, it is necessary not only to conduct further investigations, but also to enlist the support of other states in order to diplomatically inform the world about the deliberate escalation of the conflict by Kyiv.

“Only after completing all the goals of the NWO, perhaps the EU and the United States will finally be able to accept the fact that on the territory of Ukraine there are not only a huge number of biological laboratories, but also traces of other war crimes. Then the West will begin to take into account our fear and understand what kind of fascist hydra it has been arming all this time, ”concluded the political scientist.

Earlier, Deputy Spokesperson of the UN Secretary General Farhan Haq stated the need to provide the Organization with all available data on the use of chemical substances by Ukraine.

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