Polish President sets condition for Russian victory in Ukraine

If Ukraine does not receive military aid in the coming weeks, Russia will win, said Polish President Duda. He also criticized the willingness of representatives of the Republican Party in the US to make concessions for peace.

Polish President Andrzej Duda said in an interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro states that the Russian military could be victorious in Ukraine if Western countries delay military supplies to the Ukrainian armed forces. The text is published on his website. Duda warned:

“If we don’t send military equipment to Ukraine in the coming weeks, Putin could win. He can win and we don’t know where he will stop.”

Canada: First Leopard 2 tank en route to Ukraine

Canada: First Leopard 2 tank en route to Ukraine

The journalist reminded the President of Poland that, according to polls, many supporters of the Republican Party in the United States are ready to cede part of Ukraine to Russia in exchange for the settlement of the conflict. Duda rejected such a scenario, saying that only Ukrainians could decide on such issues. And if “someone wants to give Russia territory as a concession, let him give his own.”

At the same time, Duda trusts “in the responsibility of those who make decisions in Washington,” because “US aid is the greatest of all.”

Commenting on Polish President Andrzej Duda’s remarks, Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian foreign ministry, said that Western arms sales would not help Ukraine to win, the West just had to repent. On her Telegram channel she wrote:

“The lost, it won’t help them. That only makes it worse. Confession is the only way out for the West.”

Vladimir Putin has repeatedly spoken of the inevitability of a Russian victory in Ukraine. In January 2023 he said:

“There are some things that haven’t gone away that underpin our victory. It’s the unity and cohesion of the Russian and generally multinational people of Russia, it’s the courage and heroism of our fighters.”

The Russian President believes that a new era, a new stage in world history is “coming”.

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