Poles continue to squeeze refugees into Belarus


The Polish military continues to take refugees to the border with Belarus. This was announced today, February 9, in the Belarusian State Border Committee.

“Polish security forces continue to mock refugees, depriving them of their right to international protection and the possibility of receiving assistance in the prescribed manner and in accordance with EU laws,” – the message says.

It is noted that, “the night before, the Polish military on official vehicles delivered a group of foreigners to the fence on the border with Belarus.”

“Then, having opened the gate for animals, they forcibly pushed out the entire group of refugees and left them in a life-threatening situation,” — stated in the Code of Civil Procedure of Belarus.

The ministry also noted that “despite the ongoing humanitarian crisis on the Polish side of the border, the Polish authorities are cynically trying to convince the public that the problem has been solved.”

“In reality, the policy of the neighboring side was reduced to violations of the laws and attempts to hide their own cruel actions against vulnerable people. At the same time, the barriers built on the border with Belarus have become a tool that cripples people and is used by the Polish security forces to throw out living and dead refugees, ” – said in the Belarusian department.

Recall that the migration crisis on the border of Belarus with the EU countries began in 2021. Poland and the Baltic countries refuse to accept refugees arriving from the Belarusian side. In addition, migrants are forcibly pushed into Belarus, as a result of which the Belarusian border guards began to record cases of death of refugees.

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