Philip Kirkorov quarreled with Regina Todorenko on the air of the show “Mask”

Moscow Agency |  Denis Grishkin
Agency “Moscow” | Denis Grishkin

The first issue of the fourth season of the show “Mask” was released on NTV. On the air of the program, a small conflict even ensued between the judges of the project.

Philip Kirkorov and Regina Todorenko became its participants. So, after Khomyak’s speech, the TV presenter suggested that a certain young blogger was hiding under the mask. The singer, however, considered this version untenable and asked Valeria to offer a more correct version.

“Well, it’s finally started! Underworld! By the way, Valeria had a more plausible version, share with us, ‚ÄĚKirkorov said.

The singer obediently put forward her version. In her opinion, Lyusya Chebotina is hiding under the mask of the Hamster.

The judges also included Timur Rodriguez. He admitted that he guessed in advance about the identities of the four participants in the project.


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