Peskow: West is trying to sweep investigations into Nord Stream under the rug


The West is trying to suppress investigations into the blowing up of the Nord Stream gas pipelines, said Kremlin spokesman Peskov. Germany in particular should not ignore the report by US journalist Hersh, since the country lost an important energy object after the explosion.

Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov told reporters that those responsible for blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines could repeat it anywhere in the world. He stressed the need to continue the investigation.

“It’s a very, very dangerous precedent. If someone does it once, they can do it a second time anywhere in the world. There aren’t many countries in the world that can do sabotage like that.”

On Wednesday, US journalist Seymour Hersh accused the US authorities of blowing up the pipelines. Accordingly, the detonations were a secret US operation. US special divers attached the explosive devices to the lines in the Baltic Sea in the summer and later detonated them remotely.

Government on question about Nord Stream blast: "Strictest secrecy, state welfare at risk"

Government on question about Nord Stream blast: “Strictest secrecy, state welfare at risk”

Such content is proof that open investigations “of this unprecedented attack on international critical infrastructure are necessary,” Peskow added. The perpetrators must be found and punished. “On the contrary, we see attempts to quietly shut down this international investigation.”

According to the Kremlin spokesman, the media bear a great deal of responsibility for ensuring that this incident is not suppressed. The Kremlin is surprised that Hersh’s article has not found wide distribution in the West. It would be important for foreign media “to pay heed to a very serious, perhaps somewhat controversial, publication by Mr Hersh”. Peskow added that the report should not be taken as the primary source because “some points can be disputed and require proof”. Nevertheless, the publication is remarkable for its in-depth analysis. Especially for Germany it is strange to ignore the report as the country has been deprived of a very important energy object.

According to Peskov, the US did not approach Russia after the article. When asked whether Moscow plans to send inquiries to Washington, Peskov recalled: “Russia has already made many very vigorous attempts in recent months to intervene in the investigation in order to obtain at least some additional information.” Unfortunately, these attempts were rejected.

At the end of September, a total of four leaks in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines were discovered after explosions near the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm. They were in international waters in the Exclusive Economic Zones of Denmark and Sweden. Shortly after the leaks were discovered, it was suspected that sabotage was behind them.

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