Permyak sells a two-meter statue of Batman. Photo

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A resident of Perm put up for sale a statue of the popular hero of American films and comics Batman. The height of the figure is 2.2 meters. It is sold for 130 thousand rubles. URA.RU the seller said that the sculpture was made to order.

“Custom made, this is a replica of the original statue of Batman from The Dark Knight that was made for film exhibitions. Materials – artificial stone, metal, plastic,” the seller told the agency correspondent.

In addition to the statue of Batman, Perm sells the figure of the Joker, who in the comics is the main enemy of Batman. The seller also offers to buy a sculpture of Iron Man, a superhero from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The cost of each of these figures is 140 thousand rubles, if necessary, their owner will organize the shipment of goods to other regions.

Earlier, URA.RU said that Perm was selling a statue of the Terminator through a site of popular ads. Its height is more than two meters, the cost of the figure is 150 thousand rubles.

The statue is an exact copy of the original figure made for film exhibitions.


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