Permian, at the request of the Russian Guard, was deprived of the right to firearms

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A resident of the Lysvensky urban district of the Perm Territory was deprived of a license to own firearms at the suit of the regional department of the Russian Guard. Representatives of the security forces appealed to the court demanding the termination of ownership of the weapon, as well as its destruction. The previously mentioned property was confiscated from the Lysvenets and was kept in storage.

“During the consideration of the case, the court established that the defendant has not taken measures to return the seized weapons for more than one year. The defendant’s failure to take measures to return or alienate the weapon indicates the actual renunciation of the right to own the weapon, ”the website of the Lysvensky City Court reports.

By a court decision, the ownership of the weapon was terminated. At the same time, the court did not satisfy the requirement of the Russian Guard for permission to destroy the seized property, considering that this should be done in exceptional cases. The judgment has not yet entered into force.

Earlier, URA.RU said that the department of the Russian Guard will conduct a comprehensive check of Perm residents who own weapons. Police officers will also be involved in the audit.


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