Perm senator criticized the North American aerospace defense command

Round table at MIA

The United States and Canadian Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) does not understand exactly what objects it shoots down. This assumption was made by the senator from the Perm Territory Alexei Pushkov.

“The intrigue is twisting all the tighter. And she speaks, among other things, about the obvious incompetence of NORAD, which does not understand what exactly they are shooting down, ”the senator wrote in his telegram channel. Pushkov thus criticized the statement by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin that no debris was found “from all three objects shot down by the US Air Force over Alaska, Canada and Lake Huron.”

Earlier, the Pentagon reported that a balloon, which belongs to China, was seen over the United States. The military initially decided that they would not shoot him down, but then changed their minds. After that, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that this incident damaged the process of stabilizing relations between the two territories, RT reported. In the United States, aliens were suspected of launching a balloon over the country.


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