Perm plant will help Africa solve the problem of drinking water

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An entrepreneur from Senegal paid a working visit to the Perm plant for the production of vending machines “Living Water”. Businessman Alexander Frol, who has Russian roots, held negotiations at the enterprise on the supply of a batch of outdoor vending machines for the sale of drinking water with updated equipment and design.

“Africa is a special region that needs clean water due to climatic and social characteristics. In addition, Perm-made devices withstand the local hot climate. One machine, on average, covers the need to provide water to a thousand people a day,” said a representative of the African Republic during a visit to the plant.

As explained to URA.RU in the Zhivaya Voda company, an interface adapted to the currency of Senegal was specially developed for the new devices. Perm-made vending machines are already supplied to 26 countries, and the company plans to expand its geographic footprint. Thus, with the support of the government of the Perm Territory, the plant’s products will be presented at business forums in India and Turkey.

Earlier, URA.RU said that the Perm authorities would help the Zhivaya Voda plant in increasing supplies abroad. Governor Dmitry Makhonin reported this on his telegram channel.


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