Parliamentary hearings on electronic tour packages are being prepared in the State Duma

Parliamentary hearings on electronic tour packages are being prepared in the State Duma

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Tour operators who are required to connect to the e-ticket system pay attention to the complexity and laboriousness of the process, as well as the possible disclosure of trade secrets. To remove all questions, the State Duma Tourism Committee is preparing parliamentary hearings, which, as it became known to Parliamentary Newspaper, may take place on March 6.

The state system of electronic vouchers will work in full force on September 1 – from this date, tour operators and travel agencies that do not connect to it will face large fines. According to representatives of the tourism industry, it is not easy to connect to the system: it takes a lot of time and effort, and tour operators who worked in the system in test mode had to attract additional technical staff. Maya Lomidze, head of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR), told Parliamentary Newspaper about this.

Representatives of the tourist industry are also concerned about the financial issue: what cost of the tour will be indicated in the contract – with or without an agency commission. “There is a well-established practice of interaction between market participants – tour operators and agencies, including financial relationships. Most of the data belongs to the category of trade secrets,” the head of ATOR said.

In order to remove questions and once again talk about the importance of launching a system of electronic vouchers, the State Duma plans to hold parliamentary hearings on March 6, Artem Prokofiev (KPRF), a member of the Tourism Committee, told Parliamentary Newspaper. Parliamentarians, executive authorities, tour operators and travelers themselves will present their positions at them.

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