Nutritionist Makisha told vegetarians how to avoid brittle bones


Bone density in people who adhere to a vegetarian and even more so vegan diet decreases faster than those who include meat and dairy products in the diet. Nutritionist Marina Makisha told Life’s readers how to avoid brittle bones if the choice still fell on vegetarianism.

[Ломкость] associated with a lack of calcium, which is better absorbed from animal products, dairy products in the first place. And second, of course, protein. Because protein deficiency is common in vegetarian diets.” considers a nutritionist.

According to the nutritionist, vegetarians also experience anemia and zinc deficiency. Doctors urge not to become “hard vegans”, because this can lead to the loss of important trace elements and subsequently to fractures, as happened with Nikolai Drozdov. That is, those who have completely eliminated meat should leave dairy products, seafood, eggs and fish in their diet.

At the same time, women in menopause significantly increase the risk of osteoporosis. To keep your bones in good condition, you can buy supplements and take extra calcium, iron, and zinc supplements. Plant calcium is plentiful in leafy greens, but its bioavailability is still low, Makisha noted.


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