Now the matter of Hindenburg report reached the Supreme Court, hearing will be held on Friday

New Delhi: The Supreme Court will hear on Friday a petition seeking an inquiry into the Hindenburg report against Adani Group. A second petition has been filed in the Supreme Court in this matter. Petitioner Advocate Vishal Tiwari took up the matter before a bench headed by Chief Justice DY Chandrachud. The Supreme Court said that along with the already pending application in the matter, this matter will also be heard on Friday.

Petitioner Advocate Tiwari told the Supreme Court that one such application is pending in the Supreme Court, which is to be heard on Friday. Advocate said that in our application, there is a request that the matter should be investigated under the leadership of a retired Supreme Court Justice to investigate Hindenburg’s research report. The Supreme Court said that the present application be tagged with the earlier application and will be heard on Friday.

Significantly, earlier an application has been filed in the Supreme Court requesting for prosecution of Nathan Anderson of American short seller firm Hindenburg Research and his associates in India and America. Advocate ML Sharma has filed an application in the Supreme Court alleging that these people have conspired to artificially reduce the shares of Adani and its aim is to exploit innocent investors. The petitioner states that Hindenburg is a short seller firm that sells borrowed shares with the expectation of repurchasing the shares at a lower level. If the share price falls as per his expectation, the short sellers make a profit. Sharma, in his application, has requested to register a case against the short seller firm. The application will be heard on Friday.

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