Norway called Russia the main threat to national security


Norwegian Defense Minister Gram called Russia the main security threat to Europe

Russia is the main security threat to the entire European Union. This, according to FosvaretsForum, was stated by the Minister of Defense of Norway Bjorn Arild Gramdelivering a report on the analysis of threats to national security.

Norwegian soldier on a field exercise

Norwegian soldier on a field exercise

Forsvarets mediaenter

On February 13, the Norwegian Intelligence Service, the Police Security Service (PST) and the National Security Agency presented their threat and risk assessments. The report notes that Russia will pose the greatest threat to the kingdom in 2023.

Russia today poses the biggest threat to Norwegian and European security“, – Gram said, emphasizing that the confrontation with Western countries will be “protracted“.

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Meanwhile, the Norwegian intelligence service believes that the Ukrainian conflict could lead to increased tension in the north.

According to Assistant Director of Intelligence Larsa Nordrama, events in the world have increased the geopolitical importance of Norway. He stressed that at present the countries of Europe depend on the kingdom. In particular, we are talking about Norwegian oil and gas.

Touching upon the topic of Sweden and Finland joining the North Atlantic Alliance, Nordram noted that NATO expansion could make the Scandinavian region an important target for Russian intelligence services.


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