Neurologist Gayfutdinov announced the benefits of celery in the prevention of thrombosis

At the initial stages of the treatment of thrombosis and in the prevention of the disease, celery seed extract can help, says neurologist and neurosurgeon Rustem Gayfutdinov. He pointed out that this method of dealing with the disease came to us from traditional Chinese medicine, but it is important to separate the classical methods of treatment from non-classical ones.

“If we are talking about the development of a thrombus, then in this case, the patient is shown not extracts based on celery, but thrombolytic therapy,” he stressed in an interview with “Evening Moscow”.

With regard to the prevention of blood clots and the treatment of stroke with such means, then

this is acceptable as an auxiliary method, but only at the initial stages, and only the attending physician should prescribe such a thing, Gayfutdinov emphasized.

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