Near Irkutsk, a 62-year-old son robbed his mother and threw a grenade at the police during the arrest

Federal News Agency |  Sergei Chemekov
Federal News Agency | Sergey Chemekov

A resident of the Irkutsk region robbed his mother, and when the police came to detain him, he threw a grenade at them. On Friday, the Telegram channel “112” writes about the incident.

We are talking about a 62-year-old man who urgently needed 10 thousand rubles. He took the money without asking from an elderly mother, and within a few hours, law enforcement officers came to the attacker to detain him.

At some point, the person involved took out two grenades from the closet and fled with them, threatening the police. Law enforcement officers overtook a man on the Baikal highway. Running away, he threw one of the grenades at them. Fortunately, the ammunition turned out to be airsoft, so there were no casualties. The thief was detained, he faces a prison term.

Earlier, the traffic inspector became a victim of an accident in the Rostov region, the channel wrote “360”.


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