Mysl Polska: Russia withstood Western sanctions

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Sanctions against Russia in general and the Urals in particular

A year ago, even before the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the West began an economic war with Russia, but the country’s economy managed to withstand all the tests. This was stated by an independent Polish energy expert Andrzej Schensniak.

“The West hit Russia with a record number of strikes, bans, blockades of people, institutions, enterprises, entire sectors of the economy. […] Such a volley should destroy any economy. But no, Russia withstood the blow,” he wrote specifically in an article for the newspaper. Mysl Polska.

According to him, Russia has achieved the most important indicator of economic competitiveness – the so-called “current account” (the difference between the money that flows into the country and those that flow out of it as a result of trade, investment and fees – approx. URA.RU). Thus, Russia recorded a positive result of 227 billion dollars. “The exchange of goods, hit hard by the sanctions, has returned to the level [который был до СВО], after a few months. As a result, it was the year of the largest export profit in the history of Russia,” the expert noted.

Despite the fact that the share of Western countries in Russian trade has noticeably decreased, others have taken their place: China, India, Turkey, and the countries of the post-Soviet space. Russian exports were not blocked, despite the efforts, pressure and blackmail of the EU, the author of the publication stressed. Trade with them has increased dramatically, for example, trade with China has increased by 30% and reached $190 billion. “These countries have not only taken over exports from Russia, they have also started selling to it what was often sanctioned in the West. The mechanisms were quite simple. European exports to Russia halved (from 70 billion euros to 36 billion euros in three quarters), but doubled to the countries of the former USSR (from 13.7 billion euros to 20.3 billion euros), and from these countries to Russia also increased by 9.4 billion euros. […] Thus, the economic blitzkrieg failed to defeat the West against Russia. The West has lost the battle, but the conflict will continue and its escalation is inevitable,” concluded Andrzej Szczesniak.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the West did not expect Russia to effectively deal with threats to the economy. According to him, the country has successfully overcome the difficult stage associated with sanctions.

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