More than half of Yekaterinburg residents will start saving money in 2023

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About 56% of Yekaterinburg residents are going to save money in 2023. This URA.RU was told by the authors of a survey of citizens of Rosgosstrakh Life Insurance Company and Otkritie Bank.

“In 2023, 56% of Yekaterinburg residents plan to form savings. Moreover, 22% had no savings before. It is noteworthy that in a study conducted by IC Rosgosstrakh Zhizn 2 years ago, the number of respondents who wanted to save money was significantly less – 31.2%. On average, Ekaterinburg residents who are prone to savings plan to save up to 20% of their income every month,” the report says.

About 13% of respondents consider themselves thrifty and spend much less money than they earn, and 33% spend a little more than the first group. There are also those whose expenses are equal to income (44%). Another 8% of citizens spend more than they earn.

“Russians are increasingly making plans to preserve and increase their own capital. This allows people to be confident in their future. When creating savings, it is important to find a reasonable balance between expenses and income,” said Natalia Belova, Deputy General Director of IC Rosgosstrakh Life.

Previously, experts thought that Sverdlovsk residents could save up for a new car in seven years. To buy a used car, you have to save more than four years.

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