Monument to the heroes of the NWO is planned to be created in Chita


In the capital of the Trans-Baikal Territory, Chita, they plan to create a memorial complex dedicated to the participants in a special military operation. The design of the monument is selected on a competitive basis.

Federal News Agency
Federal News Agency

To participate in the competition, the authors sent their works from all over the country. The five best projects were selected for the semi-finals, according to the online edition. “RTK-Transbaikalia”. Residents of the city themselves will choose the favorites who will go to the final. The work of the winner will be the basis for the design of the monument.

At the preliminary stage, the sketches were evaluated by the competition commission, which included members of the Union of Artists, Architects, masters from creative studios. Judging by the works, not only professional artists and sculptors, but also children took part in the competition. In some projects, the continuity of the heroes of our time and the fighters of the Great Patriotic War can be traced.

It remains to be seen which of the works will win the hearts of people and become the basis for creating a memorial.


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