Monument to Soviet pilot Valery Chkalov demolished in Kyiv


Destruction of Soviet-era monuments continues in Ukrainian capital

A monument to the famous Soviet pilot was dismantled in the Ukrainian capital Valery Chkalovreports on February 8 the press service of the mayor’s office of Kyiv.

Demolition of the monument to Chkalov.  Kyiv

Demolition of the monument to Chkalov. Kyiv

City Hall of Kyiv

As the deputy of the city council said Dmitry Belotserkovets, the city hall would have demolished the monument long ago, but it did not have permission to dismantle it from the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine. Only this week the ministry recognized the monuments to Chkalov and General Nikolai Vatutin not subject to inclusion in the state register of cultural heritage.

Belotserkovets named a monument to Chkalov “a classic all-Soviet hero, imposed on everyone from Moscow.” According to him, there is no place in Kyiv for Soviet and “imperial” monuments, sculptures and plaques.

The deputy noted that the dismantling of the monument to General Vatutin will take place on February 9.

Recall that in Ukraine there is a massive demolition of historical and cultural monuments of the Soviet era or associated with Russia.

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