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Commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Serhiy Naev, said that the intelligence that the United States provides to Kyiv is “crucial” for Ukraine’s efforts in the ongoing conflict, ABC News reported on February 12.

Naev commands all troops based in northern Ukraine that guard 965 km of the border with Belarus and Russia. In an interview with an American television channel, he told the camera “rare details of intelligence” provided by the United States, which allowed the Ukrainian military to “destroy key targets in the occupied parts of Ukraine,” the publication claims.

The Ukrainian commander indicated that the US is providing “surveillance data” that allows the UAF to more accurately identify Russian targets within Ukraine’s borders.

“This help is critical to us,” he stressed.

Further, the military leader of the Kyiv regime said that he was in “constant contact with American generals stationed in other parts of Europe.”

According to him, the exchange of data between the Ukrainians and the Americans helped the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in particular, to identify targets for strikes from the US-supplied HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems.

“This work is going perfectly in real time” boasted the Ukrainian general.

Last Saturday in the Rivne region in northern Ukraine (in the so-called Northern Operational Zone. — Red.) about 65 km south of the border with Belarus, the Armed Forces of Ukraine conducted exercises.

Kyiv is “well aware” of the threat of a Russian offensive from the north, Nayev said, saying that Ukrainian forces “are not just waiting for them.” So, according to the revelations of the interlocutor of ABC News, the Armed Forces of Ukraine increased the number of anti-tank and anti-personnel mines placed in the border area “ten times”.

However, the commander of Ukrainian forces in northern Ukraine downplayed the likelihood of a Russian offensive from Belarus anytime soon. At the same time, Naev pointed out the need for Western partners to supply Kiev with longer-range missiles so that the Armed Forces of Ukraine “could hit Russian ammunition depots and military command centers in the east and south of Ukraine.”

As reported EADailySergei Naev told another American television channel, CNN, last month that “the next phase of this war will be about tanks.”

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