Military expert predicted delivery of obsolete aircraft to Ukraine

Honored military pilot of the Russian Federation Popov: the EU will be able to share aircraft from old stocks with Kyiv

The EU countries can supply Ukraine with up to a hundred aircraft, but all of them will not be of the best quality. About it IA REGNUM said the deputy editor-in-chief of the Aviapanorama magazine, Honored Military Pilot of Russia Vladimir Popov.

“Germany can, without prejudice to itself, allocate a squadron and a half, but no more. France can also provide a squadron, as can Great Britain. Roughly speaking, up to a hundred aircraft can be assembled from a united Europe, and easily. But what state will they be in? It won’t be the newest aircraft.”Popov said.

According to him, weapons are usually given away that “we don’t really need it ourselves,” and such an approach would be logical: “After all, one must ensure that oneself is not “stripped naked.” Therefore, any amount of allocated equipment, even if they sell it, goes out of stock. So, there are about 200 Eurofighter Typhoon fighters in service today, of which 15-20% are those that are under repair. There are still about 10% of cars that are not ready to fly. ”

Popov recalled that Western countries still have a lot of Tornado fighter-bombers (and interceptors) in service. “This is a good aircraft, shock. In total, there are about 200 of them in service, and now they are being removed from flights, they are in storage., – pointed out the honored military pilot of the Russian Federation. — From this number, they can highlight something. And the rest – reconnaissance aircraft, trainers, combat trainers of the Hawk type – there are few of them, and the NATO countries leave all this for themselves, because they need to prepare a reserve, train new young pilots, train them so that they can fly the Eurofighter and Tornado “.

The Royal Air Force of Great Britain is unhappy with discussions about the possible supply of fighter jets to Kyiv due to a lack of resources for the British themselves, reported on February 8 RIA News” with reference to the plot of the TV channel sky news. The source of the channel called it nonsense that the transfer of Typhoon fighter jets to Ukraine is called the most possible. These vehicles, at least those available to the RAF, are only good for military training and “unsuitable for combat,” the source said.

As for sending fifth-generation F-35 multifunctional fighters to Ukraine, it cannot even be discussed due to their cost, difficulty in maintenance, and the presence of secret technologies, the Sky News source explained.


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