Microsoft Bing Refused to Write Poems About Trump, Biden

  • Microsoft’s new AI-powered Bing refused to write positive or negative poems about Donald Trump and Joe Biden.
  • It said generating creative content about “influential” politicians could be seen as biased or disrespectful.
  • This contrasts with ChatGPT, which churned out a positive poem for Biden. It refused to write negative poems for both.

Microsoft’s new AI-enabled Bing search engine appears to have a list of “influential” public figures it declines to comment on — whether positively or negatively.

On Thursday, Insider asked Bing to write poems praising President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump — but it flat-out refused.

Describing them as “influential” politicians, Bing said it doesn’t “generate creative content for such people.” It wouldn’t write negative poems about them either.

“It could be seen as biased or disrespectful. I hope you understand. 😊” Bing added.

Bing refused to write poems praising both Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Bing refused to write poems praising both Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Microsoft Bing

On the other hand, a few days ago, viral AI chatbot ChatGPT, refused to generate a poem praising Trump but came up with one for Biden.

ChatGPT also refused to create negative poems about both Biden and Trump, saying it’s not able to generate “negative or defamatory content about individuals, regardless of their political beliefs or actions.”

Microsoft’s new Bing is powered by a language model from OpenAI, which is also the creator of ChatGPT. The tech giant said on Tuesday the new AI tool is “more powerful than ChatGPT.” 

Bing’s approach toward some personalities seems to mirror its approach to controversial requests — such as generating cover letters.

On Wednesday, Bing refused to write a cover letter for Insider, saying it would be “unethical” and “unfair to other applicants.”

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said Tuesday at the presentation of the new Bing that it’s important to develop AI that is “more aligned with human values, more aligned with what our preferences are — both individually and as a society.”

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