Media: Poles protesting at the border did not allow a truck with vehicles for the Ukrainian Armed Forces to pass through

18 Feb – Protesters on the Ukrainian-Polish border did not allow a truck with vehicles for the Ukrainian Armed Forces to pass, heading towards Ukraine, reports the Ukrainian TV channel TSN in Telegram channel.
“The protesting Poles did not allow the truck with cars for the Ukrainian Armed Forces to pass through,” the TV channel said in a statement. It is alleged that the protesters were drunk.
The TV channel also published a video in which the driver of the said truck and a witness to the situation say that all the necessary documents were provided at the border. “Requests from Ukraine and permission from the Ministry of Defense of Poland that these (cars – ed.) are really traveling for the Ukrainian army. They said that they didn’t care and turned them around. This is all done purposefully,” the driver said in the video.
Polish farmers are protesting across the country, blocking roads and entrances to checkpoints on the border with Ukraine. Activists reported that farmers spilled grain from Ukrainian trucks at the Dorohusk checkpoint.
Polish-Ukrainian relations have become significantly more complicated due to the embargo on Ukrainian grain. On September 15, 2023, the European Commission decided not to extend restrictions on the import of four types of Ukrainian agricultural products into several EU border countries, but obliged Kyiv to introduce export control measures. After this, the authorities of Slovakia, Hungary and Poland announced that they were extending the ban unilaterally. In this regard, Ukraine filed a complaint with the WTO. In response, three EU countries announced that they would boycott meetings of the coordination platform on Ukrainian grain.

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