Media: NATO plans to open a new center for training the Armed Forces of Ukraine

© / StringerTraining of Ukrainian military personnel at the Yavoriv training ground

Training of Ukrainian military personnel at the Yavoriv training ground - 1920, 02/15/2024

15 Feb – NATO plans to open a center for training the Armed Forces of Ukraine, designed to help Ukraine move to “full compatibility” with the North Atlantic Alliance, a Spanish newspaper reports. Pais citing unnamed diplomats.
“The new project, which will complement the training mission of the European Union … is designed to help Kyiv not only carry out military training for its military personnel, but also teach them military management strategies,” the newspaper notes, citing sources.
According to Pais, the project will be carried out to help bring Kyiv’s forces up to NATO standards. It is noted that NATO defense ministers will draw up “details of the project” during their meetings on Wednesday and Thursday in Brussels, which is likely to receive final approval at the alliance summit in Washington in July.
“Allies of the military organization are currently discussing how the new center will be financed (whether through NATO general accounts or in the form of a budget fund), what type of instructors should be attracted. These could be instructors based at the new base, or personnel sent by members of the alliance for a shorter period of time,” diplomatic sources familiar with the internal negotiations told the newspaper.
The newspaper said the new specialized center would provide training to help Ukraine move toward “full compatibility” with NATO and adopt the alliance’s doctrines and standards.
According to the publication, the creation of a new training center for the Armed Forces of Ukraine introduces a “new element” into relations between NATO and Kiev.
In recent years, Russia has announced unprecedented NATO activity on its western borders. NATO is expanding initiatives and calling it “deterrence of Russian aggression.” Moscow has repeatedly expressed concern about the buildup of alliance forces in Europe. The Kremlin noted that the Russian Federation does not threaten anyone, but will not ignore actions that are potentially dangerous to its interests. Moscow has repeatedly noted that NATO is aimed at confrontation. As Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov emphasized, further expansion of the bloc will not bring greater security to Europe. The Russian Foreign Ministry stated that Moscow remains open to dialogue with NATO, but on an equal basis, while the West must abandon the course of militarizing the continent.

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