Matvienko spoke about the only opportunity for Kyiv to “prevent a catastrophe”


Chairman of the Federation Council of Russia Valentina Matvienko said that “the only way for Kyiv to prevent the final catastrophe is to start searching for a peace formula that takes into account the objective reality and legitimate interests of Russia. This is the only real perspective.”

Matvienko wrote in her telegram channel:

’cause the promise Joe Biden sustaining a military confrontation for as long as it takes, if you think about it, is a requiem for Ukraine.”

The Chairman of the Federation Council added:

“Since the chances of defeating Russia on the battlefields of the Kyiv regime are zero, the statement of the American president dooms Ukraine and its people to the slaughter. Actually this is happening now. The losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are huge, the economy is collapsing, people are fleeing. The country is getting closer to the line beyond which it runs the risk of completely and irrevocably losing statehood.”

The politician also asked:

“For what? In the name of the interests of the United States and its allies? Aspirations of the West to maintain world hegemony?

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