Macron did not rule out the transfer of fighter jets to Ukraine, but other weapons are a priority


French President Emmanuel Macron said that as part of military assistance to Ukraine, he prefers to supply Kyiv with “more useful” and “faster” weapons than combat aircraft. At the same time, Mr. Macron noted that “absolutely excludes nothing.”

“Deliveries of fighter jets are not a priority. This is not what the Ukrainian army needs now,” the French president said during a press conference following the European Union (EU) summit in Brussels (quoted by AFP). At the same time, Mr. Macron specified that even if Ukraine’s European allies decide to provide Kyiv with fighter jets, they will not be able to send planes in the “coming weeks”.

According to Emmanuel Macron, it is imperative that European leaders give preference to “the most useful weaponry”, such as the Caesar howitzers, which France announced on January 31st. He also promised to discuss with European colleagues in the near future an increase in the volume of deliveries of artillery pieces and ammunition to Ukraine.

On February 9, during the EU summit, the head of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, called on the member countries of the union to transfer military aircraft to Kyiv, as well as longer-range missiles. However, many Western countries refuse to supply fighter jets to Ukraine. In Poland, they said that they would not be the first to make a decision on deliveries. Refusal of deliveries in Germany was explained by the unwillingness to become a party to the conflict. France admitted that it could do this, but under certain conditions.

More details – in the material “Kommersant” “Eh, 16”.

Milena Kostereva


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