Lyfe Jennings Shares That He Was Robbed Of $120,000 Worth Of Jewelry And Makes The Incident A Teachable Moment [Video]


Lyfe Jennings reveals that he was a victim of a robbery and turns the crime into a life lesson for his followers.

Over the weekend, Jennings shared with his Instagram followers that his was recently involved a robbery. The 44-year-old singer says he touched down in Oakland for his four sold-out shows, he visited somewhere he “wasn’t supposed to be.” As a result, Jennings was robbed of important items including $120,000 worth of jewelry.

“When I got down to Oakland, I pulled up to this spot. Again, another place I wasn’t supposed to be. Went inside and saw some cats blew up and basically bust the windows out the thing,” Jennings said. “[They] snatched my little bookbag. It’s like $120,000 worth of jewelry in there, my computer, my ID, passport, credit cards, all that sh*t.”

Jennings said that despite being upset at the situation, he decided to turn the other cheek after having a “weird feeling.”

“And of course I was upset by the sh*t…I could have had that sh*t on me and them n*ggas could have came in like the one homie and just, you know, took it. Or tried to, anyway. I thought about the sh*t and just weird feelings came over me,” he added.

Jennings ended his rant with sending encouraging words to his followers.

“I just thought I’d share this because it’s somebody that’s straddling the fence right now,” Jennings said. “You ain’t gotta feel no kinda way about growth, man. I’m definitely just tryna grow. I’m in a great position in my life and you gotta respect the position that you in and you gotta respect the position that other cats is in because in reality, a lot of those cats that wanna be you could never even be you. They can’t fit your shoes, man. But yet you tryna wear they shoes and wear your shoes too. It ain’t gon’ work, man.”

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