Lieutenant Colonel Ivannikov named Russia’s next target in a special operation

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

After the liberation of the DPR, the Russian armed forces should go to the Kharkiv region to carry out denazification there, to protect citizens from the bullying of the Kyiv regime. This opinion was shared by a military political scientist, director of the charitable institution “Law and Order”, Candidate of Historical Sciences, reserve lieutenant colonel Oleg Ivannikov in an interview with URA.RU.

“The line of contact between Russian troops and the Armed Forces of Ukraine is now about 2,000 km. The Kharkiv direction is considered no less important in the unified concept of denazification of Ukraine. I believe that this area will be a priority in the course of the special operation in the near future. Kharkiv region is a former region of the Russian Empire. Russian people live there. I believe that it would be right and expedient to carry out denazification in the Kharkiv region as actively as in Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Lugansk and Kherson regions,” Oleg Ivannikov explained.

According to the lieutenant colonel of the reserve, now people in the Kharkov region are literally in captivity. “Russian people living in the Kharkiv region are actually taken hostage by the criminal Kyiv regime. And the slightest, even informational disobedience, or dissent, leads citizens to the dock. They are actually mocked, as they were mocked by the Gestapo (secret police in Nazi Germany, 1933-1945 – approx. URA.RU). The Security Service of Ukraine arranges real terror in the Kharkiv region, ”Ivannikov stressed.

According to Ukrainian media, on February 10, attacks were carried out on critical infrastructure in Ukraine. Explosions were reported in Kharkiv, Odessa, Krivoy Rog, Mykolaiv, Kirovohrad, Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk regions.

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