Lavrov figured out how to unite all the people in the world

International Forum of Volunteers in Moscow at VDNKh.  Moscow, Sergey Lavrov, portrait

Friendship is that boundless phenomenon that can unite all people on the planet. This opinion was expressed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“The common idea that can unite all people on the planet, in my opinion, can be friendship,” the official website reports Lavrov’s words. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. He added that friendship is that boundless phenomenon, which is the opposite of that trademark of American politics aimed at subjugation and suppression. An ideal example of such a relationship is the dialogue between the United States and its European allies, Lavrov concluded.

Earlier, American journalist Jackson Hinkle said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has changed humanity, leading it to a multipolar world. Vladimir Putin himself expressed the opinion that such a world order would reduce tension between countries.


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