Large-scale military action may be taken against Iran – media


The Yerevan edition of Iravunk published an interview with Iranist Zhanna Vardanyan, entitled “It is possible that large-scale military operations may be taken against Iran.”

What is the current situation in Iran? Are new aggravations expected in Iranian-Israeli relations?

– At the moment, the situation in Iran is generally calm, there are no demonstrations. As for the latest developments in Iran-Israel relations, here we must note that Israeli attacks on various Iranian strategic facilities and, in particular, on nuclear ones, took place in the past. Israel also orchestrated the assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists inside that country.

Therefore, the latest incident, in comparison with the previous ones, was in its nature on a smaller scale. The difference is that it came with a very large media attack 🙁World – Ed.) The media was filled with stories that other Iranian cities were also attacked. And it turned out that the entire press was writing and talking about attacks on Iran, which, by the way, coincided with a fire at an automobile oil factory near Tabriz, the footage of which very quickly spread like explosions in different cities of Iran. Meanwhile, Tehran’s reaction has been very restrained, which, in turn, may mean that the Iranians did not want to inflate these events.

We must take into account that such attacks will be repeated in the future – on a larger or smaller scale. And all this is part of the hybrid conflict between Iran and Israel.

The latest aggravations are mainly due to the fate of the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program and negotiations on this issue. If the agreement is not restored and Iran continues to develop its nuclear program, it is not at all excluded that large-scale military actions may be taken against it. The United States and Israel constantly announce such a development of events.

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