Kyiv announced 27,000 people wishing to enroll in assault units

Recruitment to volunteer assault units continues in Ukraine

More than 27,000 applications for joining the so-called “offensive guard” have been recorded in Ukraine, the country’s Interior Ministry reports on February 12.

Ukrainian militant

Ukrainian militant

Ivan Shilov © IA REGNUM

More than 12,000 of them are consultations in the centers for the provision of administrative services and by telephone “hot line”. Volunteers filed almost 15 thousand applications to join the assault brigades of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The first step for volunteers is filling out a questionnaire, then submitting documents to units, then military medical examinations, which have now passed more than 800 people. The next stages are testing for knowledge of the law, for logical thinking, and psychological testing. An obligatory stage is the appropriate level of physical fitness, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine emphasized.

“The formation of eight brigades should be carried out before April 1, but we see that there is interest from volunteers. Therefore, we can predict that there will be a further formation of assault brigades “– said the official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Recall that under the “offensive guard”, the Kyiv authorities mean the assault volunteer brigades of the national guard.

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