Kuznetsova said that military rehabilitation centers are needed in every region

Kuznetsova said that military rehabilitation centers are needed in every region

Anna Kuznetsova.
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Comprehensive rehabilitation centers for military personnel should be created in each municipality, depending on the needs of military personnel – medical rehabilitation, psychological and legal support, social support, professional retraining and employment assistance. This was stated by Vice Speaker of the State Duma, Deputy Head of the Working Group on Special Military Operations (SVO) Anna Kuznetsova.

According to her, if such centers become unified throughout Russia, then it will be easier for the military to navigate the support measures that are proposed to be provided to them.

Part of the work will be carried out jointly with those social institutions that are already ready to accept Russian military personnel, provide them with assistance, conduct consultations, as well as those procedures that are necessary as part of medical rehabilitation, said Kuznetsova, quoted by the United Russia press service.

She also said that the working group on SVO issues will work with the Ministry of Defense on the procedure for granting holidays to participants in the special operation, since regional and federal programs for financing children’s summer holidays are already being laid. “Therefore, we believe that it is necessary from our working group to submit a proposal to the Government so that this program is formed and the children of the NWO participants have a rest in the summer,” added the deputy head of the working group.

In addition, she called for a mandatory list of minimum guarantees for the participants in the special operation. At the same time, it is proposed to provide the subjects of the Russian Federation with the opportunity to expand this list on their own.

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