Kurgan residents will have to pay more for products for vegetable salad

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In the Kurgan region, goods from the vegetable salad set have risen in price: cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, as well as other vegetable products. This was reported on the official website of the state statistics service for the Sverdlovsk and Kurgan regions.

“In the Kurgan region, the average prices for food products for vegetable salad have increased. Actual on February 6, the cost of a kilogram of fresh cucumbers increased by 14%. Fresh tomatoes rose in price by 9%, and onions – by 20%, ”the Sverdlovskstat website says.

It is reported that the average price of cucumbers in the region was 277 rubles. A kilogram of tomato now Kurgan residents will cost an average of 184 rubles. Onions, the cost of which has the highest percentage of growth, can be purchased for 47 rubles. The site also reports a rise in the price of carrots by 9% (now the product can be bought on average for 47 rubles), potatoes by 3% (26 rubles) and beets also by 3% (29 rubles).

Earlier URA.RU wrote that Sverdlovskstat recorded an increase in the average price of vodka in the Kurgan region. Employees of the department reported a difference in cost of one percent. Thus, the price increased by 5 rubles.


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