Kurgan man beats a disabled man to death because of a gun

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A resident of the Kurgan region, during the theft of a gun, beat a disabled person with various objects more than 30 times, because of which the victim died. This was reported to URA.RU on February 9 in the regional prosecutor’s office.

“In October last year, the accused, being in a state of intoxication, came to the house of his friend, who was disabled due to amputation of his leg and diseases of the organs of vision. In order to steal property, the attacker struck at least 30 blows with various objects to the victim, who could not resist, after which he left the scene of the crime, taking with him a sawed-off gun and cartridges for it, ”the press service of the department said.

The disabled man received an open craniocerebral injury, due to which he died at the scene. The assailant was accused of murder, coupled with robbery, committed against a person in a helpless state, with particular cruelty. The case will be considered in the Kurgan Regional Court. The accused faces life imprisonment.


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