Ksenia Sobchak again criticized the medical facility in Perm. Video

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Journalist Ksenia Sobchak criticized another medical institution in Perm. She posted a video on her telegram channel and spoke sarcastically about the state of the City Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 3, noting that no one was watching him.

“If someone thought that we stopped monitoring the state of medical institutions in various cities of Russia, then this is not so. Your attention to the pediatric department in GBUZ PK GDKB No. 3 in Perm. In the ward where mothers with babies lie, for some reason there are no curtains or at least some kind of curtains, beds – as if from a psychiatric ward for especially violent patients, shabby doors, ”wrote in her telegram channel “Bloody mistress” journalist Ksenia Sobchak.

Separately, she asked subscribers to evaluate the curtains instead of doors in the toilet cubicles. Sobchak wrote that this was “know-how from the management of the medical institution” and suggested that “because of such a design move, they are not observed on the windows.” She called the toilet in the middle of the room “the icing on the cake” and hoped that in the very near future “designers will reconsider their attitude to the conditions for placing their patients.”

URA.RU asked the Ministry of Health of the Perm Territory for a comment. The agency clarified when the repair was carried out at the medical facility and whether any work is planned there in the near future. At the time of publication, no response was received from the department.

Earlier, Sobchak was horrified by the state of the antenatal clinic building in Perm. She also posted a video with peeling walls and crumbling plaster on her telegram channel. In the regional Ministry of Health, she was told that the repair of the building, built in 1917, is complicated due to its age. She was dissatisfied with the agency’s response.

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