Killing spree or ordered crime? Ukrainian soldiers shoot Russian prisoners of war


Another video allegedly showing the shooting of Russian soldiers by members of the Ukrainian army is currently causing a stir in Russia. The demonstrative impunity of the perpetrators and the silence of international institutions are the most important aspects of the discussion.

A shooting video that has been circulating on social networks for a few days has caused a stir and anger among the public in Russia. The authenticity of the recordings is now considered proven. They show the shooting of at least one unarmed Russian soldier lying face down on the ground by a Ukrainian who spoke Ukrainian without an accent.

"Except for Russia, no one will care about it": Another execution video has surfaced

“Except for Russia, no one will care about it”: Another execution video has surfaced

The Ukrainian asked one of the soldiers who had apparently surrendered a short time before to name his unit. When he receives no answer after ten seconds, he curses and shoots the man lying on the ground several times in the head, blood flows.

Two other Russian soldiers are also lying on the ground. Whether they were executed in a similar way cannot be said from the video. Another Ukrainian intervened verbally in the case of an apparently Russian army member and indicated that he was already dead. Whether this is true or a cover claim to deter the obviously agitated gunman from shooting at the prisoner is unclear. In any case, the murderer of the first-mentioned Russian soldier turns away from the second, while still giving the “order” to execute this prisoner as well.

Then he turns to the third man, who lies motionless on the ground, his head in a pool of blood. From this, Russian experts conclude that he was shot before the video recording began. But even that cannot be said with certainty based on the excerpt. The gunman, who is apparently filming the event with a bodycam, asks the third party what he is going to say. The obligatory greeting “Slawa Ukraini” follows, which ends the video.

Ukraine: TV presenter quotes Eichmann and calls for killing Russian children

Ukraine: TV presenter quotes Eichmann and calls for killing Russian children

It is not the first explicit shooting video that has become public. A video had already appeared in April, which was later even published by the New York Times which shows the shooting of a three-man crew of a Russian tank who had surrendered to Ukrainians was deemed authentic. Subsequent videos showed Ukrainians shooting prisoners of war in the kneecaps and several times shooting soldiers lying on the ground.

Even if the latest video looks more like an individual’s killing spree, Russian analyzes are increasingly emphasizing that the frequency of incidents of this type indicates that the military leadership of the Ukrainian army either orders or at least sympathetically condones the shooting of prisoners of war. In any case, the criminal consequences for the murderers in Ukraine have not yet been announced.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has now officially commented on the incident. The Russian Investigative Committee has launched a criminal investigation into the case. Separately, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns the silence of international institutions on this and other war crimes committed by the Ukrainian side.

“The silence of relevant international bodies, which have traded professionalism and objectivity for a desire to serve the United States and other Western countries, is a shameful fact,” the statement released Thursday said.

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Video Warning: It shows the killing of people and is disturbing.

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